Music Class Materials and Supplies

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Kids' MusicRound has created developmentally appropriate music education materials for children that promote learning in the classroom and at home.

Music Class Materials

In class, children experience music through musical instruments specifically designed for tiny hands. Instructors demonstrate beat and sound through a variety of class activities that include items such as drums, egg shakers, triangles and rhythm sticks.

Music Education at Home

Each family that enrolls in Kid's MusicRound classes receives education materials specially designed to meet the developmental need of infants, toddlers and young children. Educational music supplies include 2 CDs of children's songs and songbooks with music activities.

Providing these resources helps children to become familiar with the music materials used in class and allows families to continue learning at home. Because children learn through repetition, infants, toddlers and young children exposed to music every day will experience the biggest impact.

Additional supplies provided include a companion songbook with educational music activities. Children may enjoy coloring the songbook illustrations as they listen to the music, while the musical notes and guitar chord instruction may inspire adults to dust off an old instrument and play along.

Song and Music Collections

Exposure to a variety of tonalities and meters is vital to a child's early music experience, according to Music Learning Theory expert Dr. Edwin Gordon. Based on this principle, each music class song collection or SongRound is carefully compiled to include materials that are not only enjoyable for infants, toddlers and young children, but also representative of different meters and tonalities.

Our high-quality audio materials are produced to appeal to people of all ages. The vocalists on the recording include children as well as adults since it is easiest for children to match the tone quality of another child's voice.

To keep our classes fun and interesting for children and parents who enroll regularly, we introduce a fresh round of songs with each 10-week session. Each SongRound includes a refreshing selection of original, traditional, and multicultural music.

Kids' MusicRound has created nine collections that rotate over three years. Families that repeat a collection with a child or begin the program with a second child will be familiar with the music but will enjoy a completely new experience learning with their child. Returning children approach music classes and activities with a new perspective and insight as they reach different stages in development.

Listen to samples of our music.