Music Class Curriculum and Activities

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Kids' MusicRound offers developmentally appropriate music class curriculum for children, toddlers and infants. Our strategies for teaching music include activities that make learning music fun.

Our developmentally appropriate Kids' MusicRound curriculum has been created with the whole child in mind. Through fun-filled music and movement, our curriculum targets infants through the early childhood years when the mind and child are most receptive to music learning. It is during this critical time period that innate music potential is actively developing. An environment abundant in opportunities for musical discovery has been shown to greatly assist in nurturing that potential to its fullest.

The Kids' MusicRound curriculum is designed to guide children through the early stages of music development. Our goal is to enable all children to achieve basic music competence, the ability to sing in tune and keep an accurate beat.

We do not provide formal music training or reading of notes. Instead, the KMR experience focuses on experiential learning. We immerse infants, toddlers and children in developmentally appropriate music and movement activities and tactile adventures.

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Movement in the Music Class

When children jump, wiggle, dance and sing they internalize the basic skills of keeping beat and singing in tune. Once these skills are mastered, children are ready to move on to the formal skills of reading and writing music.

Playful movement is an integral part of the Kids' MusicRound curriculum. We encourage children and adults alike to kick up their heels, pick up a rhythm instrument, and use their whole selves to express the joy of music.

Parents and Caregiver Role

The Kids' MusicRound class is designed to foster a musical interaction between the child and the adult. Our mommy and me style music class invites parents or caregivers to join in on the learning process. Our program is developmentally appropriate, allowing every child to approach the activity at their own pace and progress to the next stage of music development on their own timetable.

We respect all learning styles: kinesthetic, tactile, visual and auditory and encourage adults to participate in class and to monitor their child's safety. Because adult modeling is so important, parents and caregivers should do their best to relax and have fun!

Children learn differently than adults but regardless of learning style, positive modeling will make a lasting impact on a child and encourage them to participate in learning.